Barcelona: Thursday, May 25 – Saturday, May 27

Barcelona: Thursday, May 25 – Saturday, May 27

For our last trip, Emily and I went to Barcelona. We took a train on Wednesday to the nearby city Nantes and spent the night since our plane left early the next morning. On Thursday, we arrived in Barcelona and took a shuttle over to a town square. We got lemon slushies and walked around to see some buildings with Gothic architecture.

We then walked to some other town squares and to the Mexican restaurant. We split nachos and chips with guacamole and we each got a mini taco. Mine had shredded chicken with a sweet sauce made with cinnamon. After lunch, we checked into the hostel and then walked to the port and went to the aquarium.


After, we went to the sandy beach and bought a cup of fresh fruit to eat on the way. Then we went to dinner where we split tapas (appetizers): a chicken croquette, cheese platter, leeks, and a pizza.

At night, we went to a big fountain in front of a castle to watch it light up and on our way back, saw a group of street performers break dance.

We got up at 8 the next morning and walked to see the Arc de Triomf.

We went to the Parc de la Ciutadella and ate the breakfast we brought.

We went to the zoo in the back of the park and then walked around downtown.

We then went to the Picasso museum, which was cool because we had studied Picasso in our art class and the museum had art from all of his different styles, plus some sketches and pottery. After, we walked to the famous street La Rambla and went to a market and bought fruit for breakfast for the next day. For dinner, we shared a vegetable gratin paella.


On Saturday, we got up and went to Park Guëll, designed by Gaudi.

Then, we walked to another little park and rested our feet. We walked to La Sagrada Familia, a basilica designed by Gaudi, which was probably my favorite building I’ve ever seen. The outside was filled with sculptures and a lot of detail and the inside was designed to look like a forest. The stained-glass windows were really bright and colorful as well. Apparently, they started building in 1882 and won’t finish until 2026!

After, we went to the beach and then had burgers for dinner and went back to the hostel to get some sleep before our early flight the next morning.



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