Monday, February 20 – Thursday, March 2

Monday, February 20 – Thursday, March 2

On Monday, my roommate and I went to buy lunch at the café at school in between classes, but they were already out of most of the food, so we went to a restaurant nearby. Their menu was written on a chalkboard (I’m guessing that means they change what they serve too often to have printed menus?).

I usually have one class on Thursday, but it got cancelled. Emily and I went to an outdoor market, but it was pretty small, so we decided to walk by the river and castle.


Buildings overlooking the river

On Friday, we went to the supermarket to buy food and wandered around awhile looking for Alfredo sauce. Eventually, we gave up and changed our meal plan. We bought frozen pizza for dinner and watched a movie.

We got up at 6 on Saturday for an excursion with the school to see some castles east of Angers. The bus took off under a pink sky and drove along the river. The view of soft reflections of buildings and boats made getting up early worth it. We went to the Château de Chenonceau in the cold and misty morning.

First, we walked through the different rooms.

The chapel
Thankfully, they had fires going in the fireplaces

Then, we walked outside through the gardens.

The center of the labyrinth


We took the bus to a nearby town called Amboise and ate lunch along the Loire river and then walked through town.

La Loire

We saw a couple of castles on the drive to our last stop, the Château de Chambord. They had outdoor staircases as well as a giant indoor staircase in the center which was shaped like a double helix: there were two different staircases intertwined so that you could access one staircase from the east side and the other staircase from the west side. Its purpose was so that two people could be going up or down the stairs without seeing each other. We had about a three-hour bus ride back and then we ate the leftover pizza for dinner.

On Monday, I went to my morning class, worked on a project with my classmate, and then walked downtown to renew my bus pass. I went to my other classes and stumbled through my words in oral expression- I could tell I hadn’t practiced speaking enough French over the weekend. Speaking went much better on Tuesday.

In the realm of food, I tried boudin blanc one night at dinner. At first I thought it was sausage and told my host dad that I don’t like sausage, but he explained that it was made of white meat. Thankfully, I liked the taste. Emily brought home some macaroons one day (neither of us had tried them yet) and I tried the strawberry, pistachio, lemon, and vanilla flavors. I’d recommend strawberry. I also tried the Pavé d’Affinoire cheese (that’s just the brand name, I’m not sure what the actual name of the cheese is) and Saint-Albray. They were both pretty mild. On Thursday, my host dad made a zucchini and bacon gratin.

Thursday’s dinner

3 thoughts on “Monday, February 20 – Thursday, March 2

  1. Our paths have officially crossed now! I also visited both of those chateaus in La Loire. Lovely! Looking forward to talking with you about your experience when you get home. Love AV


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